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The Writer's Job Newsletter sends you the best paid remote freelance writing opportunities, straight to your inbox, every week. Oh, and it's free.


We started this during the pandemic. As writers, we saw how the industry was changing and how few people were prepared. With remote work becoming the norm, we wanted help fellow writers to find paying opportunities. As well as this, we've been helping with resources, mentorship, and even building friendships along the way.

We know how difficult it can be to get a leg up when freelance writing. That's exactly why we've created this community of over 5,000 writers - long may we grow.


At the end of the day, we want to help you land your next writing gig (and the one after that, too). Reviews like the one below makes this all worthwhile.

“Just wanted to say that I just got a job offer from a job you posted on your newsletter! It was from X, which you posted late June. I applied, they got back to me, and after about a month of interviews and tests, they made me an offer. It's based near where I live and it pays really well, so it really is a life-changer for me. Just wanted to say thanks for your newsletter. Without it, I wouldn't have spotted that job, and that job is going to really change my life for the better. Cheers again - you're doing great work. I really appreciate it.” James Davies - Freelance Writer

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